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Welcome to CommerceManager,'s e-commerce system for online purchasers of products and services. Just as our family of websites serves as a unique contextual commerce interface for individual consumers and providers of hotel, dining, shopping and entertainment services, CommerceManager's carefully selected support team, comprised of experienced information professionals with proven track records in each of the facets of the e-commerce industry, is dedicated to putting our business clients in touch with the best service providers who are most likely to meet their needs. Unlike other e-commerce systems, CommerceManager does not simply provide unqualified direct links to third party vendors. Instead, CommerceManager works directly with the client to find the optimum match between the product or service sought and the most effective provider. If the best solution cannot be met from within MetroGuide's family of services, then CommerceManager will direct the client to the most appropriate third party.

We hope that you will choose CommerceManager for your e-commerce management solution.

The CommerceManager Team

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